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  About CREO

cre·o /kre' o/

The word CREO comes from the word "crear" /kre' ar/ which is:
  • Latin for "to create, to make"
  • Spanish for "to believe"

As we create, we come to believe that anything is possible

The CREO Institute was established to help individuals rediscover, nurture, and invoke their natural ability to be creative - personally, professionally, and as citizens of the world. This is the focus of our creativity workshops.

Personal Need

Due to the complexity of life today, many people find themselves on a quest for deeper meaning and impact, both in their personal and work lives. Our ability to be successful and happy in our increasingly complex world is dependent on our capacity to be reflective, flexible, and open to new ideas and perspectives. By developing our creative skills, we can make improvements and positive changes in our lives and often accomplish goals that we may never before have believed possible.

Business Need

Powerful improvements in technology and economic challenges have drastically changed the business world. The business world continues to experience increasing competition, globalization, and trends towards outsourcing and offshoring. This, in turn, has sparked a need for leaders and companies in developed countries to redefine themselves and the workplace skill sets required of their employees. Organizations today are seeking individuals who have strong creative and innovative skills and, thus, the ability to approach business problems with uncommon, distinctive approaches.

The Needs of Society and the Global Community

As a global community, we are facing some critical issues: overpopulation; lack of clean and sufficient water, energy, and food resources; and environmental degradation. We can no longer afford to look the other way. We need to act and make significant changes immediately. Our creative skills and resources offer a means by which to find the solutions that will help us to achieve the balance between progress and taking care of and honoring the people and creatures in our world.

We have a choice to use the gift of our lives to make the world a better place.
- Jane Goodall

Our Aspiration

We want to create a common ground where people of great creativity and commitment can work and be together to make a positive impact in the world.

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