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In our creative work, we individually and collectively explore the relationships between physical experience, mind, imagination, and soul.
Three Levels of Self Awareness: Through our creative explorations, we tap into the physical, mental, and emotional levels of awareness.
Physical: Drawing from our physical responses and senses; using our body as a creative tool
Mental: Nurturing our imaginations and creative thinking skills
Emotional: Expressing our passions and feelings, both positive and negative, in our creative work; remaining open to our intuition
Active Listening: Our potential for creative breakthroughs expands if we develop our communication skills, including the ability to give and receive feedback in non-critical ways and to be fully engaged when listening to others.
Dialogue and Collaboration:  Our work has the opportunity to flourish in new, unexpected directions when we engage in dialogue and share our ideas as a collective group.
Sensory and Problem Solving Games:  We play games. We stay loose. We use our imaginations, explore our sensual experiences, and uncover inspirations and solutions.
Perception Challenges: How do we interpret the world around us and give meaning to the events in our lives? How do we see others? How do we decipher the challenges in our lives? Once we question our perceptions, we begin to see ourselves, our work, and the world around us through a different, more insightful lens.
'Out in the City' Assignments:  The discovery and exploration of new places serve as the source unprecedented ideas, inspirations, and motivations.
Fun, Play: Pablo Picasso once said, "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist when he [or she] grows up". In order to be and remain creatively engaged and alive and to believe that anything is possible, as children do, we must toss away rules and societal expectations and surrender ourselves to fun and play.
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