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Throughout our workshops, we utilize a wide variety of individual and collaborative exercises and tools to spark your creative instincts and to help you develop your personal awareness and become more deeply engaged in the pursuit of your goals. Our hope is that you will take these tools after the completion of the workshop and continue to use them in your ongoing creative and personal development.
Reflective Writing: Reflection is at the heart of personal growth.
What is my creative work telling me? How is it connected to my life? What am I learning? What can and should I be doing differently? What is holding me back? What impact do I want to have on the lives of others?
Drawing: Drawings are gifts from our imagination. We use drawing to help us to connect to our experiences, our intuition, our deepest passions and desires, and to bring clarity to our purpose and work.
Storytelling: Storytelling was born with the dawn of civilization. Stories embody the magic of ancestors, the culture of people, and the wisdom of the ages. When we write our stories, we capture and share who we are and what we stand for by inscribing our stories in the hearts and minds of others.
Self-Portraits: Self-portraits have been a method of self-exploration since humans first gazed at their own reflection in a pool of water. With the invention of the mirror came an even stronger fascination to capture one's likeness. For centuries, artists have gazed into their mirrors and attempted to grasp their identities. They sought to portray their image, whether it showed a clear representation of their features, a walk through their childhood, or an outpouring of emotions. Some self-portraits show only what the artist wants us to see; some chronicle the history of the artist; others reveal personal secrets and a sense of isolation. Regardless of the method employed, each artist took a long literal and figurative look from within, effectively rendering each portrait an exploration of the self.
(from: - Click link for more information on self portraits)
Map Making: Where am I currently in my life? Where have I been and where do I want to go? What do I want to feel, be, do, accomplish? We can explore these important questions by building physical maps representing our past journeys and the future paths that we would like to pursue in our lives.
Stream of Consciousness Explorations: It is important to listen to our inner monologues if we are to progress creatively and personally. Capturing our natural, uninterrupted, uncensored emotions, thoughts, and internal experiences on paper is a powerful way to challenge our perceptions, confront our fears, resolve problems, and, ultimately, unlock our creative selves and reach a deeper level of self-understanding.
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