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  Daily Challenges

The CREO Institute offers workshops in various lengths and formats. We lead shorter creativity workshops throughout the year, which are typically between 1-3 days in length. We also hold 6-day workshops in international locations over the summer.

» Sample two-day itinerary from our Tiverton, Rhode Island workshop
» Sample three-day itinerary from our Santa Fe, New Mexico workshop

Below is a sample itinerary for our six-day summer workshops. Our summer workshops typically meet for 3 and 1/2 hours each day, leaving the remainder of each day for you to explore the city and continue the creative work we started in the workshop.

Please feel free to email us if you have questions about our shorter or customized workshops.

Day of Arrival.

If you are traveling from out-of-state or out-of-country, please plan to arrive the day prior to the workshop start date. This will give you the opportunity to check in, relax, and start to enjoy the city.

Day 1: First day of the workshop.

Introduction to the workshop goals and processes.
Why study creativity?
Creativity across cultures and the ages
Creative people and companies – how they think, work, live
Your creative work
Exercises in automatic drawing, writing, and multiple perceptions.

Day 2:

Exploring insights from your unique past experiences.
Exercises in story creation and telling, three dimensional imaginary worlds, and reflective relaxation.

Day 3:

Your creative, present strengths.
Exercises in sentence play, stream of consciousness, and you are the protagonist.

Day 4:

Your creative blocks.
Exercises in finding inspiration, sense and question games, and norm destruction.

Day 5:

Creative possibilities.
Exercises in photography, active listening, cultivating confusion, and prolonged observation.

Day 6:

Developing a consistent practice for your creative development.
Exercises in mandalas and map making, journal writing, and collaborative creativity.

Day of Departure.

Please plan to depart either very late in the day on the last day of the workshop end date or the following day. This will allow you plenty of time to check out and to travel to the airport after the end of the workshop.

Note: The order and nature of the exercises used in each workshop may vary.

Workshop Locations & Dates

City Dates
Customized and Private Workshops  We offer customized and private
 creativity workshops for small
 groups and organizations.
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