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  CREO Projects

In addition to our workshops and customized programs, the CREO Institute team also works on projects with top creative organizations.

Innovation Project at Cirque du Soleil

The CREO Institute recently worked for a year and a half in Montreal, Canada, with the Chief Creative Officer and the VP of Casting and Performance at Cirque du Soleil to help refine the company's internal innovation strategy. The CREO team studied the current innovation approaches in the market and Cirque's current culture to develop new creativity practices that would inspire and sustain creativity in every corner and at every level of the company.

We explored experiences such as Open Innovation Labs, Hack-a-thons, Idea Pitching Jams, and others to address business and operational challenges and create new opportunities; developed recommendations for an internal online social networking platform for idea sharing, crowd sourcing, and collective creation; and conducted a benchmark study of Fortune 500, Fortune 100, and other highly creative organizations across different industries to study their innovation best practices and cultures.

Makers in Residence at Hasbro Toys

Our team is partnering with the VP of Innovation at Hasbro to explore and develop new creative business opportunities. We resided at Hasbro for a week to research, conceptualize, and pitch exciting new ideas around future business possibilities for the company.

Collaborative Project Work at Ringling College of Art and Design
As part of her role as the lead faculty member of The Business of Art and Design department at the Ringling College of Art and Design, Wanda (the Founder of the CREO Institute) develops and leads projects between her students and studios and organizations across different industries.

Microsoft Games Studios

Student teams collaborated with Microsoft Game Studios to develop ideas for the sequel of one of MGS's top Kinect game franchises for children. Students developed concepts for the new game play (in the living room - with the actual Kinect system) and game interactions as well as for a mobile app that would link to the game (outside of the living room), game-related merchandising, and partnerships with other businesses and brands that could link to the content of the game and support its sales.

Disney Imagineer Collaboration

Student teams worked with a Disney Imagineer on creating a fictitious Resort or RDE (retail, dining, entertainment experience) around a specific IP/theme of their choice in either India, China, Brazil, or England. The students learned the business aspects that support the design as well as design decisions made when developing and setting up an entertainment business overseas.

Sesame Street

Students worked in teams to develop recommendations around how Sesame Street can better appeal to the Millenial parents. Students created ideas around new content for Sesame Street as well as platforms on which the content can be shared.

The Jim Henson Company

Students from all majors collaborated to help the leadership team at Jim Henson explore ways of expanding the Sid the Science Kid brand.

Stoopid Buddy Stoodios

Students worked closely with the buddies at Stoopid Buddy to develop ideas and recommendations around their latest exciting project.

Hasbro Toys

We have partnered with Hasbro on two projects:

Project 1 – Play-doh for Kids of All Ages:

Six teams of students across majors worked over the course of 12-14 weeks with the VP of Girl’s Toys to develop ideas for how the Play-doh brand can attract an older demographic. Students conducted research on the history and brand of Play-doh and developed recommendations for new Play-doh products (real and virtual).

Project 2 – Exploring the Bronies and Adult Fans of My Little Pony:

Currently the My Little Pony brand is designed for children (2-8). Hasbro knows that the My Little Pony fan base includes a phenomenal, much-broader global audience. The mission of the 25 students who worked on this project was to discover where Hasbro can take this magical brand. The students researched the scope and activities of the adult fan base and then designed and created a product line that is relevant to this new all-age audience.

Moonbot Studios

Student teams collaborated with MoonBot Studios on developing a line of merchandise and products that will continue the story that MoonBot's new Creation The Numberlys has brought to life through apps, learning experiences for children, interactive AG books, and other innovative products.

The Dali Museum

Four student teams spent an intense weekend collaborating on-site with the team at The Dali museum in St. Petersburg, Florida to help them re-imagine and reinvent their visitor experience. Students researched innovative service design opportunities and developed concepts around exciting virtual and live environments and experiences. The goal was to expand the story of Salvador Dali's life and work beyond the collection into every part of the museum experience including waiting in line indoors and outdoors for tickets, shopping in the store, using the facilities, and eating in the cafe.


Student teams collaborated with the VP of Product Development and Global Innovation at Converse to address the following question: How can Converse maximize the power of innovation to achieve its mission of unleashing the Creative Spirit through products and experiences that inspire and enable each of our consumers to be his or her true, authentic self? Students developed concepts for new Converse products (sneakers, apparel, and accessories) and/or product experiences that willl inspire and allow their consumers and fans to be their true selves and to express and celebrate their unique individuality.

Tervis Tumbler

Student teams worked closely with the senior leadership team at Tervis Tumbler to explore the question "What will your Tervis Tumbler do for you five years into the future?" Students worked for three months on developing new tumbler designs that would incorporate smart technology or other capabilities/characteristics that could create an interaction with the user that would enhance his or her life.

Cirque du Soleil

With Cirque du Soleil, we have partnered on three projects.

Project 1 - Service Design:

Cirque du Soleil engaged students in a project to better Invoke the Imagination, Provoke the Senses, and Evoke the Emotions (Cirque's mission) of their audience members and fans. Students developed ideas for how Cirque could create magical experiences for their fans:
(1) before they arrive on site to see a show via the internet/web/mail, etc. to increase excitement and anticipation for the show that it to come;
(2) once they arrive on site and are waiting for the show to begin (how can the waiting experience, concessions, restroom, shopping and ticket buying experiences be incredible and unforgettable);

Sarasota Memorial Hospital

Student teams worked closely with leaders in the Sarasota Memorial Hospital to develop ideas for how SMH can improve the patient's experience. Student teams were assigned to eight different areas of the hospital (e.g. check-in, cardiovascular services, emergency room, outpatient surgery, housekeeping, etc.) to study their current patient experience and design a new, more empathic process and overall experience for the patients in each area of the hospital.
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