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Our workshops are designed to help you reconnect with and nurture your innate ability to be creative. Our goal is to encourage you to cultivate a consistent practice of personal and creative development in order to not only make positive improvements in your own life but also impact the lives of others.

Each of our creativity workshops is unique in some way. We offer workshops that are co-taught with some of our favorite creative colleagues from a wide variety of industries including animation, film, the toy industry, fine arts, cultural studies, theater, psychology, animal care and conservation, circus arts, dance, the sciences, technology, and business.

By working with our team members and creative colleagues, you will gain a deeper awareness and appreciation for how creativity does live in all of us and will thrive when nourished.

Photo by Brian Vandervliet
The interactive exercises during our workshops will focus on ways to:
  • Clarify your personal and creative aspirations and craft a plan to achieve them
  • Tap into your unique life experiences, imagination and intuition
  • Discover your creative strengths and creative potential
  • Identify and overcome your fears and creative blocks
  • Explore new ways to solve problems and challenges
  • Stretch your current perception of the world and of what is possible
  • Learn how to help others to develop their own potential
  • Find inspiration in the world around you
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