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  Participant Comments

The CREO Institute has welcomed to our creativity workshops participants from many different countries and professional backgrounds. See what they have to say about their experience with CREO.


The workshop provided me with the opportunity to reflect on my goals and aspirations, tap into my creative instincts and connect with other incredibly talented and special human beings in a profound way. I most enjoyed the opportunity for reflection; hearing honest experiences and thoughtful insights from the highly talented creative professionals who led sessions; the spiritual journey with Larry Littlebird; and the practical examples of creative individual and group exercises I can apply to my work and personal growth and development. It was a great experience.
- Diane Burrus, Senior Consultant, WFD Consulting, Waltham, MA

Your ability to bring uniquely creative people together to share experiences and help others dig deeply into their process of self reflection elevates the workshop experience to something I had not expected. It was like a "creativity retreat." Your ability to find and connect uniquely creative individuals like Larry Littlebird and the amazing animators who participated in the workshop is nothing short of stunning. You have an amazing network and very generously share that network with your participants who, in turn, give 150% to each one of us who participate.
- Laura Simon, Executive Vice President and Profit Center Leader of the Lawyer's Protector Plan® (LPP®), Brown and Brown Insurance, Tampa, FL

I was reminded in this workshop how important it is (vital!) to spend time with like-minded people who view the world through a creative lens and understand the importance of cultivating that. I was also reminded of the importance of spending time on the land, in the presence of earth, wind and water. I enjoyed the opportunity to start a creativity journal where I felt that I could do anything. I also love the exchange of ideas that comes in workshops of this nature. I love that everyone can share ice-breakers, exercises and strategies that have worked for them or that they have enjoyed without feeling as if they are giving away their secrets. That feels like some of the essence of creativity - taking an idea that may have started as "yours" and having the confidence to let other people run wild with it. The chance to network and get to know people is also just invaluable and I'm looking forward to staying in touch with my fellow creatives!
- Annemarie McLaughlin, Writer, Albuquerque, NM

CREO's creativity workshop was such an INSPIRATION for me! Breaking free from hidden issues has set me on a clear path for new creative goals for myself! I am now "on fire" to pursue these dreams. Thank you so much for the new exhilarated directions I will be pursuing!
- Joan Marie, Art Teacher, Parkway South High School, Manchester, MO

All of the exercises were well selected and sparked a great deal of thinking and learning. The day with Larry and Deborah Littlebird at Hamaatsa is one of the peak experiences of my life. Wanda's energy level and enthusiasm are contagious, and the sharing of her visual journal was incredibly useful and thought provoking. Steve Hickner is a force of nature.
- Kathie Lingle, Executive Director, World at Works' Alliance for Work-Life Progress (AWLP), Scottsdale, AZ

Just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful experience in Barcelona! My sister and I both thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and I now have some tools to take back to the classroom.
- Cathryn Morris, Jenks Public Schools, OK

The methods that were taught in the course were very interesting; the fact that the workshop involved doing many practical activities allowed us to learn more effectively. We will be able to put into practice everything that we learned with the young people with whom we work.
- Maria Sanchez, Teacher, Colegio Prebiterio Luis Mostesinos, El Salvador

The manner in which the class was taught was very creative and through play, we learned. I did not believe that I could draw, but now I realize that I do have my own creative talents. The benefits: the opportunity to release stress and return to my childhood. I appreciate and have learned that I can accomplish what I dream of and be happy in life. A million thanks; your methodology is very effective.
- Tomas Diaz, Promoter, Fundación Azucar, Inc., Dominican Republic

The dynamic of drawing serves to liberate stress and is a great way in which young people can spend their free time in productive endeavors. In addition, it serves to help them discover and develop their skills. This class is very beneficial for the personal growth of the young people (with whom we work).
- Xiomara Gomez, Youth House Director, Técnica Provincial, Dominican Republic Oficina

I enjoyed the entire course. The benefits can be applied in all the areas in which I work: Education (high school level) and in the Community (I work with women). All of the aspects of the course are very interesting, simple, and easy to learn. A large part depends on the attitude and motivation of each participant. I loved it. Wow. It was sensational and very useful on a personal level. Thank you.
- Maria Bello, Teacher, Dominican Republic Public Schools

The methods that were used are excellent. It was very nice to use music in the background. The exercises in drawing and writing were the most interesting.
- Olga Tobar, Social Promotor, Fe y Alegrķa, El Salvador

All of the aspects of the course were beneficial because I work with addicts in therapy, and I will be able to apply the different techniques with various groups to detect problems and develop solutions to those problems. The exercises are also a great tool to use with teams.
- Ricardo Coello, Program Supervisor Drugs/ AIDS, Casa Alianza Honduras

The most relevant part of the workshop was the application of art in our daily lives and the realization that we can develop that artistic side of ourselves and others as a means of self expression and liberation. I found that opportunity to reflect in the mirror of our own reality through writing and painting, the most beneficial part of the workshop. Thank you for your contribution.
- Karen Hernandez, Director, Post-penitentiary Center, El Salvador

We can explore the art in each of us. We will definitely reproduce and use the information gained since it is important to be creative in life and in our work. Everything that was discussed in the course was very valuable for me and for my work with the youth. You are a great person and have taught us so much.
- Dunia Perdono, Teacher, OYE, Happy World Institute, Honduras

I enjoyed all of the aspects of this course. It is creative and dynamic, but the most beneficial part was the exploration of ourselves through the interior monologues, self portrait, and images. It is a pity that the workshop was not longer. I would have loved to have spent more time in the course. I liked all of it.
- Darling Zapata, Juvenile Counselor, Proyecto Club en Conexión, Nicaragua

The interactive methods used, the material, the games, and the activities were what I enjoyed the most. The workshop was very good, and the teacher has an excellent mastery of the subject.
- Edouard Webert, Operations Director, OPEDHA, Haiti

The class was extremely creative and leads one to develop one's creative skills. I really enjoyed the activities in which we could express ourselves and our lives through drawing. I believe there will be many benefits in implementing the techniques with the people with whom I work as well as in helping me to develop my own creativity.
- Oneyda Ramirez, Program Coordinator, Alternativas y Oportunidades, Honduras

I can say that the dynamic and activities that were developed in the workshop were very beneficial as creative exercises as well as tools for life. I congratulate the people who made this experience possible... It is a tool that will foster creative development as well as problem solving for a happier life.
- Jacques Aly, Cultural Coordinator, CIDE, Haiti

The methods used have allowed me to learn and overall have a great time in the workshop. They allowed my imagination to take flight and helped me to realize that I can put it into practice with the young people with whom I work and share the exercises with my team members. Thank you for all of the wonderful things you have taught us, for sharing so openly, for being more than a teacher, a guide in the world of art and creativity.
- Basilio Gomez, Psychologist, Caritas Diocensa, Guatemala

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