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There exists an unlimited variety and number of resources available to inspire your creativity and ideas.

Resources can take the form of other people; travel; art, dance, music or other classes; going to see a play; yoga and meditation; your own memories, dreams, and experiences and those of others; great works of literature; social, economic, and political debates; books written on the history of different countries, companies, leaders, and organizations; and any topics, experiences, or people that cause a spark, positive or negative, in you.

Our website will provide you with thought-provoking resource recommendations in the form of interviews, creative challenges, books, websites, articles, films, and music.

Whatever resources you choose, the key is to try many new experiences, to challenge and expand yourself.

We Offer You These Sources For Creative Inspiration...


Watch our latest interviews with fascinating individuals from a variety of creative industries:

Wellington Lima,
Acrobat and
Cirque du Soleil Performer


Creative Challenges

Stimulate your imagination with our creative challenges:


Explore the wide variety of websites available to spark your creativity:
ideas worth spreading



Read highlights from some of the best books on the topic of creativity:

Present Moment, Wonderful Moment and
The Universal Traveler

Films and Music

Browse selected films and music that can serve as a source of inspiration for you:


Buena Vista Social Club


Take a glimpse at our latest CREO Institute newsletter and browse through our past newsletters:

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