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  A Conversation With... Kushil Gunasekera

Kushil Gunasekera, Founder/Trustee, Foundation of Goodness

About Kushil Gunasekera

Kushil Gunasekera established the Foundation of Goodness in 1999 in Sri Lanka. As a young boy Kushil felt compassion for the people of his ancestral village in Seenigama, who lacked the facilities to realize their potential despite innate talent and ability. Having become a successful businessman, he faithfully returned to his hometown and with true altruism donated his family property in Seenigama to the establishment of the Foundation of Goodness. The Foundation is based on providing a holistic response to a community's needs and works to uplift the lives of rural communities through learning and empowerment. In May 2008, being the philanthropist he is, he decided to dispose of his lucrative business and dedicate his resources and time to the organization. He currently donates his time full-time to its furtherance on a purely voluntary basis.

In 2004, the aftermath of the Tsunami provided a forum for Gunasekera's integrity and managerial expertise to be fully utilized. Kushil, who witnessed the devastating event whilst giving scholarships at a ceremony in the village, barely making it to safety himself at the time, mobilized a team to reconstruct and rejuvenate Seenigama. With the tenacity that distinguishes true leaders, he galvanized a community of villagers, volunteers and donors committed to social service. Within a short span of three years Kushil's commitment took a village from near annihilation to vibrant regeneration. Medical, educational, vocational and recreational facilities were provided to over 20,000 inhabitants across 25 villages via 30 sectors, free of cost. The Foundation, whose seeds were sown long before the tsunami, is now expanding its widely extolled holistic model for rural empowerment to other parts of the country.

Kushil has demonstrated selfless service for 25 years and continues to push boundaries systematically, for enriching rural communities. He and the Foundation have received many a tribute and accolade. His success comes from his commitment to the Foundation and never losing sight of its core values-compassion, integrity and goodness. A well-known figure in Sri Lanka, he is modest in his claims to personal achievement and is ever grateful for the generosity and compassion shown by donors, volunteers, supporters, businesses and governments across the world. He is respected and trusted by his donors for consistently surpassing their expectations.

Together with friends, volunteers and the villagers themselves the Foundation has grown and just celebrated a decade of successful partnerships and ventures. Through a sequence of extraordinary events and Kushil's foresight, he has expanded the Foundation's mission beyond the boundaries of the Seenigama model. In February 2010 Kushil launched an initiative for a Learning and Empowerment Institute in the war ravaged north of Sri Lanka in a compassionate response to reconcile the differences between the prevalent ethnic groups (details of which can be ascertained at

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