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  A Conversation With... Alex Terry

Alex Terry, Advertising Designer

About Alex Terry

Alex began his college experience in the heart of school pride at Texas A&M, a school enriched with tradition and largely into football. However, after just two and a half semesters at Texas A&M, he moved to a sleepy town on the west coast of Florida and transferred to the prestigious Ringling College of Art and Design. Upon arrival, he found that the aforementioned characteristics of Texas A&M were lacking, so, out of necessity, he looked for a sport that could rally the same camaraderie that college football in the south could. Through Facebook, he heard about the endeavors of the Howarth sisters at Texas A&M, who were starting a crazy sport called Quidditch. His problem had been solved. What greater impact could the magical sport of Quidditch have on an artistic college where imaginations fly around on a regular basis? Alex is proud to be at the forefront of this great sport and working with the Ringling administration in exploring the possibility of building the first official Quidditch pitch.

Alex is an Advertising Designer by trade and an avid web developer, particularly with innovative mobile applications. Upon his first semester at Ringling, he started winning industry awards for the work he created in his classes. He enjoys cycling and hopes to change the world one step at a time. Through Ringling, he recently connected with Kushil Gunasekera, the man responsible for creating the Foundation of Goodness and for inspiring change in Sri Lanka after a tsunami ravaged the countryside. Alex plans to utilize the International Quidditch Association to help spread Goodness throughout the world via competitive gameplay and the collective, global camaraderie that sports engender. In August 2010, he started a blog that chronicles his efforts to lower his carbon footprint. Lastly, he has just recently filed his first U.S. patent that includes some of the revolutionary web design elements he created in partnership with the company 2Cimple, who is also the interactive video sponsor of the IQA.

After a long trek in pursuit of his dream, Alex Terry is now on the Board of Directors for the International Quidditch Association. After having founded the club sport version of Quidditch on Ringling's campus, he began to speak with the creator of the sport, Alex Benepe, on a regular basis. Alex Terry was soon thereafter appointed the Southeast Team Coordinator and proposed distinguishing the league from its college sector and turning it into a non-profit. In the summer of 2010, Alex Benepe selected Alex Terry to be the final board member and flew him up to NYC to join in the first ever Board Of Directors meeting held in Central Park.

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