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  Connecting Around the World

One of the primary goals of The CREO Institute is to create a community and a common ground where people of great creativity and commitment can work and be together to make a positive impact in the world.

True learning will occur when we meet others. At CREO, we create community in two primary ways: (1) through our workshops, and (2) via our CREO Community trips.

Our workshops provide all of us with the opportunity to search more deeply, to understand our own creative process and who we are as human beings, understand how we came about and how we are evolving. This in turn allows us to better see the possibilities, see ourselves, see others. Our goal is to help each other to re-awaken and truly tap into our creative being, to reconnect with ourselves and each other.

The CREO Community trips extend and build our community. They allow us the opportunity to harness our individual and collective creativity and come together to make a difference in the lives of others. We realize that we have the strength to start anew; we want to do things differently. Great power is available that can face what is going on in the world. And we find this power in community.

Learn More About Our CREO Community Trips:

Volunteer Trip to Sri Lanka
Summer 2010

Volunteer Trip to Nepal
Summer 2011

Marionnette Making Workshop
Republic of Georgia
Summer 2012
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