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  World Focus

It is our aspiration to create a community and a common ground where people of great creativity and commitment can work and be together to make a positive impact in the world.

Powerful, much needed change can be achieved when people come together. At CREO, we bring people together through our workshops and through our CREO Community Trips. It is our hope that our collective creativity can lead to positive encounters and change.

Through Community
All of us can reach entirely new levels of possibility together, possibilities that are not available from soap box rhetoric. To achieve this, we need to begin these conversations about purpose and shared significance and commit to staying in them. As we stay in the conversation, people start to work together rather than convince each other of who has more of the truth. We are capable of creating wonderful and vibrant communities when we discover what dreams of possibility we share. And always, those dreams become much greater than anything that was ever available when we were isolated from each other.

As we create communities from the cohering center of shared significance, from a mutual belief in why we belong together, we will discover what is already visible everywhere around us in living systems. People's great creativity and diversity, our desire for contribution and relationships, blossom when the heart of our community is clear and beckoning, and when we refrain from cluttering our paths with proscriptions and demands.

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